EarthLED XR-10 10 Watt LED Bulb

When your next 100 watt bulb burns out, don’t bother replacing it with yet another 100 watt incandescent bulb when you can buy an energy efficient LED bulb. Not only are LED bulbs much more energy efficient, but they also produce less heat and last years longer than any other light bulbs available on the market. As the XR-10 has a life span of 50,000 hours and costs about $5 per year to run, so you’ll be saving money in the long term on your electric bill without the hassle of having to regularly change your light bulbs. The EarthLED XR-10 does not contain the hazardous substances that are found in other less efficient light bulbs, making the LED bulb much more environmentally friendly even when you dispose of them. These EarthLED bulbs are available in your choice of warm white or cool white lighting with both producing clear lighting that’s perfect for accent and reading illumination. Start looking at you illumination needs in a brighter, more efficient light and buy the EarthLED XR-10 10 Watt LED bulbs for your home.



Westinghouse Nanolux 3-Watt G19 LED Bulb, White #03466

As the price of energy continues to climb we’re all looking for a way to decrease the cost of our living expenses, and as lighting is one of the easiest ways to cut some of the cost it makes economic sense to get more efficient light bulbs. When you buy LED bulbs, you can cut the amount watts used to light your home or business signicantly. When you replace your Edison fixtures with these Nanolux 3-Watt G19 LED bulbs, you’ll get bright long lasting lighting without the expense both indoors and outdoors. These Westinghouse LED bulbs will last at least 50,000 hours that are water-resistant and shatterproof. When you add these Westinghouse Nanolux 3-Watt G19 LED Bulbs to your environment you’ll receive longer lasting more efficient lighting while enduring an ever decreasing electric bill, which we can all appreciate.